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Department of Civil Engineering
The Civil Engineering department was established in 2004. The Department offers course leading to B.Tech degree in Civil Engineering. Initial intake in civil engineering is 30 students. At the undergraduate level (i) Core courses in Physical Sciences, Humanities, Mathematics, Mechanics and Drawing (ii) Departmental Subjects on Structural Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Irrigation Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Surveying and Construction Technology are offered. The department has 09 well equipped laboratories which provide good facilities for routine teaching, field testing, structural designing and research in civil Engineering. The department has its well furnished Computer Center to cater to the needs of the students and staff.


The department has a highly qualified and dedicated faculty which strives to produce competent professionals who are abreast with the latest technology and are equipped with enterprising skills necessary for a designer and a site engineer. The department has adequate trained supporting staff in its various Laboratories.

Survey Camp

Students of civil engineering entering into third year are given practical training of surveying by taking them to survey camp of 3-4 weeks. Duration. Two Survey camps have been successfully completed; First to Dalhousie & Second to Solan.

Departmental infrastructure

Department has state of art infrastructure and laboratories for training students to meetthe needs and requirements of the industry

Survey Lab

The laboratory provides facilities for linear, space and angular measurements in the field in connection with road and building alignment, detailing of infrastructure layout etc. The lab is designed to give the students a thorough grounding on the surveying. Equipments include Theodolite, leveling staff, plane table telescope, Telescopic alidade, planimeter, clinometer, optical square etc.

Environmental Engg Lab

The laboratory has mainly water quality and waste water testing with facilities for collection of sample, chemical analysis and bacteriological analysis. The laboratory is well equipped with latest equipment like UV Spectrometer, Distillation Unit, Digital DO meter, pH analyzer, nepheleometer, digital bacteriological incubator etc.

Transportation Engg Lab

The lab infuses students with the fundamental knowledge regarding modern day pavement design. Equipments are capable of testing road aggregate, bitumen, pavement using the LOS ANGELES test, Abrasion test, Impact test Penetration test, Marshal Stability test etc. Pavement materials testing, pavement mixed design, traffic studies and road surface evaluation form the major sections of the laboratory.

Fluid Mechanics Lab

The laboratory has facilities for carrying out the study of flow analysis, open channel studies and boundary layer analysis. It is equipped with various flow meters like venture meter, orifice meter, various notches and other latest equipments.

Concrete Design Lab

The concrete design & drawing lab of the department is well-equipped with a number of PCs. The computers are loaded with various civil engg. softwares like STAAD PRO, AUTOCAD etc.

Structural Analysis Lab

Lab is well equipped with models for analysis of various structures. The models include two-hinged arch, three hinged arch, conjugate beam apparatus, continuous beam apparatus etc.

Geotechnical Lab

The lab caters to the needs of students for various soil testing by providing sophisticated equipments such as Direct Shear Testing Machine and Tri-axial testing apparatus pressure system

Concrete Technology Lab

This lab provides state-of-the-art facilities for the testing of the quality of various construction materials and concrete. These include mix design, cube testing, flexural strength of concrete etc. The laboratory has various facilities for strength testing, nondestructive tests, steel¬concrete bond strength, shrinkage and creep.

Solid Mechanics Lab

Lab Equipments include 30T, 100T and 40kN capacity conventional Universal Testing Machines etc.