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Department of Computer Science
The Computer Science & Engineering Department facilitates the best and up to the mark, experienced and committed faculty, as well as research scholars in the field of Computer Science and Information Technology. The Department is equipped with excellent infrastructure and latest equipment to explore technological advancements in the relevant fields.

State-of-art Computer Labs equipped with latest functional machineries and devices, more than 641 functional computers equipped with the latest hardware and technologies with a 6 mbps leased line Internet; Labs interconnected through structured LAN; provision of WI-FI Internet facility to hostels and campus; Internet access through personal login accounts based on secured Firewalls implemented on the Local Servers.

Apart from imparting technical education, emphasis is laid on extracurricular activities such as seminars/ workshops/ conferences to prepare students for highly competitive job environment. A state of art, fully equipped computer center has been established.

Basic Computing Laboratory

This lab is well equipped with the latest computer systems for the students to discuss each and every aspect of basic computer system. It is used extensively by students for learning of foundation of information technology like MS-WORD, MS-EXCEL, MS-POWER POINT and MS-ACCESS. It is also used for programming using "C". This lab is well equipped with all aspects of the students of the students of B. Tech.

Data Communication / Hardware/ATM Laboratory

In this laboratory, students are familiarized with computer Hardware, Installation and networking concepts. Study of transmission media, Configuration of IP address and sharing of resources (CD share and print share) is done along with practical implementation of straight cable and cross cables. In this lab students learn the functional details of various peripheral devices like video display units, disks tapes cartridges printers, Fax- Modems, TV interface, Sound and Video cards, CD-ROM, DVD, Keyboard, Mouse, Digitizers and Plotters, serial and parallel interfacing techniques different types of bus connections, handling a peripheral device through the study of Input/output drivers of the operating systems, design and integration of a peripheral device to a computer system.

Data Structures and Programming Methodology Laboratory

Students not only learn the fundamental of programming, but also enhance their skills to analyze the complexity of programs in terms of time and space. Laboratory has multiple servers with Fedora Core 6.0, Red Hat Linux. Desktops are dual bootable systems with Linux and Windows XP/Vista.

Computer Programming (C, C++, JAVA etc) /Operating System Laboratory

This laboratory is used to gain experience of Operating System (Windows, UNIX, Linux, Dos etc.) and the principles of good program design and program testing of C, C++, JAVA etc. languages, which further goes for development of softwares, operating systems and future projects. Students get exposure to the installation, system administration, troubleshooting and usage of a multi-user operating system, networked operating system, stand alone operating system. Students learn SCO UNIX 5.0, Linux, Windows NT and Shell Programming. The OS Lab, concentrating on the core functionalities such as shared memory concepts, process scheduling, multithreading, synchronization, Database design, is capable of meeting the curiosities of the students to explore the world of OS in detail.

System Programming laboratory

The laboratory consists of designing of module which was used by the compiler while compiling the program. These modules are designed in 'C' language and consist of different phases of compiler. Student will also work on automated parsing tool like LEX and YACC.

Computer Networks Laboratory

The Networking Lab has well equipped Local Area Network as its backbone. It has proved itself in delivering the concepts of networking such as socket communication, different transport and application layer protocols, to the students.

Expert System Laboratory

Computation lies at the heart of understanding all physical and biological systems. Many solutions to the most challenging problems of our lives, our work, and our world, therefore, are based in computation. Expert System Laboratory studies this vast, compelling field in an effort to unlock the secrets of human intelligence, extend the functional capabilities of machines, and explore human/machine interactions. In this laboratory, projects on forthcoming expert systems are entertained and students program their own ideas simulating human intelligence.

Software Engineering Laboratory

Tools are employed for Data Flow Dictionary creation and Prototyping thereby making students aware of Software Development Techniques and Milestones. Smart Draw, Unified Modelling Language (UML), MS Project and Rational Rose Software are used in this laboratory to make students familiar with latest project management development methods and tools.

Data Base Management Systems Laboratory

The primary purpose of this laboratory is to facilitate implementation, exploration and research in the domain of Database Management System. Client Server Architecture based database management system software. Students use this laboratory for creating backend for their projects.

Major Project Laboratory

A real engineer is not the one who has theoretical knowledge but is the one who knows to implement his knowledge practically. We do understand the importance of "Practical Knowledge" and so have given due importance to this concept by introducing a "PROJECT LAB", where the students learn to design and fabricate circuits and make projects which are useful in their day to day life. The major project laboratory is well equipped with hardware and software like Rational Suit, Oracle, Java Serverlet, Dream Viewer, Matlab, NS2 Simulator and other latest software that are required for the project development. Linux and Windows operating system are available to facilitate students to develop projects using technologies beyond their curriculum. In this Lab ,the students of B.Tech do their Minor and Major Projects under the guidance of their concerned Project In-charge using different languages and platforms. The students work in the areas like image processing, embedded programming, NLP, Wireless Networks, Artificial Intelligence, Data ware housing, Multimedia etc.

Web-Technologies Laboratory

The objective of this laboratory is to introduce student to technical aspects of developing web sites. In this laboratory basic web technologies such as Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML), XML, Cascading Style Sheet (CSS), beginning server programming using servlets and JSP are covered.

Multimedia & Graphics Laboratory

Multimedia and Graphics laboratory provides extensive practical knowledge on animation and interactive application development and is a basic step in the direction of Game designing and Animation. It is equipped with Photoshop, Macromedia (Flash), Adobe Photoshop software's with Audio Speaker facility connected to systems are made available for the students to learn Graphics & Multimedia applications. It also has C, C++, Java software for developing object oriented programming and compiler programming.