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Department of Electronics Engineering

Lab description

Electronic Devices & Circuits Lab : The lab is the foundation of electronics engineering. This lab provides the basic knowledge of various electronic devices, components and electronic circuits.

Analog Electronics Lab : This lab is the extension of electronic devices and circuits lab which enhance the knowledge of students in the field of power amplifiers oscillators regulated power supplies etc.

Digital Electronics Lab: This lab provides logic level implementation of different digital circuit such as logic gates, flip flops counters, registers etc. The students are made familiar with digital circuits and their designing.

Microprocessor Lab : This lab aims at providing students the knowledge about architecture, programming and interfacing of microprocessor chips 8085 & 8086. The lab helps the students to make microprocessor based electronic projects.

Communication System Lab: This lab aims to provide the basics of communication ie analog, digital & data communication. The lab is equipped with latest communication kits and latest softwares like multisim and commsim which deals with simulation of various communication circuits.

Linear Integrated Circuits Lab : The purpose of the lab is to familiarize the students with various linear integrated circuits. The lab supports the students to build their circuits using IC's.

Microwave Lab: Now-a-days is the era of wireless communication Microwaves plays a very important role in communication. This lab is set up to show the amazing properties of microwaves. The lab is equipped with latest microwave test benches for experimental knowledge.

DSP Lab : The lab Helps the students in designing and simulation of various DSP based circuits. The lab is equipped with MATLAB software.

VLSI Lab: This lab is aimed to provide the students, with the knowledge of tools used in VLSI design. The students design their projects using Xilinx and modelsim. The lab is also equipped with hardware required for programming the CPLDS and FPGAS.

Microcontroller Lab : This lab provides the students with exposure towards embedded systems that we use in our daily life. This lab uses 8051 microcontroller along with software like keil & Flash magic to run stepper motors LCD displays, 7-segment LCD display that are used for application in real world like Printer, Microwave oven, Automatic Washing Machines.

PCB Lab : The department has its own PCB lab which helps the students to design and fabricate PCBS as per the requirements of their projects. The lab enhance the practical knowledge of students.