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Department of Mechanical Engineering
Currently the Department runs a university approved under graduate programme Bachelors of Technology in Mechanical Engineering. In addition, keeping in view making students industry ready they are being trained for Pro Engineering and C.N.C.. Our students can fetch employment in a variety of Mechanical Engineering related sectors. Regular faculty development programs, seminars and conferences are organized. Students are specially encouraged to participate in industry visits and trainings.

Practical training is only possible when platforms for it are made available. We can boast of the latest of laboratories for the same:


This lab helps students to inculcate the fundamentals of applications of computers in various stages of design, analysis and manufacturing of components. CAD/CAM lab is equipped with advanced software and hardware. The students practice the designing of the 3-D models using Pro-Engineer various mechanical softwares like Autodesk Inventor, Visual Solid, MatLab and Stardyne etc.

Computer Graphics Lab

Computer Graphics Lab introduces students to the basic fundamentals of Computer Graphics and is equipped with latest Pentium IV Dual Core Processor Technology and AutoCAD Solution Set.

Refrigeration And Air-conditoning Lab

The aim of this lab is to perform experiments on various uses of refrigeration in our day to day life like AC, Refrigerator, Water cooler, Ice plant etc. This lab provides exposure to various aspects of Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning.

Vibration Lab

This lab exposes students to then basic fundamentals of vibrations. The lab is equipped with universal vibration apparatus which is used to perform various experiments of vibration analysis.

Metrology Lab

This lab provides practical training to the students for understanding the complex measuring and inspection instruments. In this lab students learn to operate various digital and analog instruments. Lab is equipped with the precision instruments like Profile Projector, Tool maker microscope, slip gauges, screw gauge, different types of vernier calipers etc.

Industrial Automation & Robotics Lab

Aim of this lab is to strengthen the fundamentals of students in the field of applications hydraulics and pneumatics in Industrial Automation. The lab has the advanced training kits on electro pneumatics, Robotic Arm and software related to this field.

Industrial Engineering Lab

This lab provides the students a platform where they can gain practical experience of the industrial environment. The various equipments in the lab includes TMT equipment, ergometer, sound level meter, lusmeter, ECG machine, Anthropometer. The equipment of the lab is being widely put into use by students for their project and research work.

Automobile lab

This lab makes students conversant in the field of automobile engineering. The lab is well equipped with various types of cut-section models of Gear Box, steering gear unit, power steering and clutch. The lab is also equipped with hydraulic brake systems, cooling systems, electrical systems and ignition systems of petrol car.

Heat Transfer Lab

This lab is provides students an exposure of various aspects of heat transfer viz conduction, convection and radiation. Sophisticated equipment including Heat exchangers, Natural and forced convection equipment, emissivity & other radiation and conduction based equipment are available in this lab.

Fluid Mechanics Lab

This lab is developed to give the students an understanding of fundamentals of fluid mechanics. The lab is equipped with various flow measurement devices including pitot tube, venturi meter, orifice meter and notches etc.

Fluid Machinery Lab

This lab is developed to give the students an understanding of different types of Hydraulic Machinery including Francis and Pelton wheel turbines and different compressors like centrifugal, reciprocating and jet pump.

Applied Thermodynamics Lab

The objective of this lab is to provide students a practical knowledge of the Ie engines like single and multi-cylinder Petrol engines and diesel engines.

Theory of Machine Lab

The lab develops the students with the knowledge and working of different types of governors and gear mechanisms. The students perform experiments of whirling of shafts, determination of gyroscopic couple, study of pressure distribution in a full journal bearing, etc.

Engineering Materials & Metallurgy Lab

The objective of this lab is to provide the students the practical knowledge of Heat Treatment processes such as annealing, hardening, normalizing and tempering using digital Heat Treatment Furnace.


Workshops equipped with latest machines have been set up to impart training in various shops like the Machine Shop, the Electrical & Electronics Shop, the Sheet Metal Shop, the Foundry Shop, the Forging Shop, the Carpentry Shop, the Welding Shop and the Fitting Shop