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Computer Science Department
Computers are now used in practically every area of human endeavor. Job opportunities in the field of Computer Science and Information Science are challenging and diverse. Demand for computer science engineers is expected to remain strong over the next decade.

No. of seats:
Salient Features of the Course
1. Programme Title : Diploma course in Computer Engineering.
2. Entry Qualification :10+ with Science subjects
3. Course Duration :3 years
4. Programme Structure :Semester system
This branch deals with design and construction of computers ,development of computer programs (software) and computer based information and control systems. In its most general form it is concerned with the understanding of information compilation, transfer and transformation. Functions
  • To be able to use computer in Business application.
  • To be able to use C/C++/Object Oriented Programming/Foxpro in problem solving
  • Assembling and Dissembling of PCs
  • To design and develop application software system using computer programs
  • Installation and Maintenance of Computer Systems
  • To diagnose the faults for trouble shooting PC range of computes and associated peripherals.
  • To use multimedia technology and different multimedia authoring tools
  • To access Internet and to design web pages

Employment Opportunities

May work as programmers, web developer, E- commerce specialists, software/hardware engineers at the following places:
  • Computer Centres
  • Teaching / Research
  • Government
  • Private and business organizations /Industry
  • Computer Engineering diploma holders may even start their own venture with a very little investment.
  • Commercial organisation providing services in repair & maintenance of Computers and other peripherals.